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SOMWA calls on all media houses: Stop work-related exploitation

Somali Media Women Association (SOMWA) is saddened by the news reports of two female journalists who left their jobs for a persistent abuse from their managers and the news of one Radio station in Mogadishu who force fellow female journalists to take turns to prepare meals for their male colleagues by ignoring their job description.

On 31 May 2020, Amal Garaad, a Puntland TV presenter told SOMWA that the intimidation and abuse have been going for a year now, since her manager started harassing and pressuring her which resulted that she had to resign the job.

I could not take a pressure anymore, so I did not have a choice rather than to resign.  Many female journalists face  such kind of challenge but do not have the courage to leave their job, they fear that nobody will ever employ them” Amal said.

Amal told SOMWA two of her female colleagues had experienced the same situation but decided to stay work in such difficulty circumstance than losing their jobs.

On 3 June, 2020, another female sport journalist named Filsan Duceysane left her job because of less wage and disrespect.

“I am forced to work while I am unwell, my manager does not care about our health, the worst thing is that they always deduct our payment and every month, money is missing without any explanation and that really hurts me.” Filsan told SOMWA. “I am very disappointed and I don’t know what to do.”

She also underlined that she witnessed her colleague fainted in the workplace after she has been forced to work while she was extremely feeling unfit.

Female journalists in Somalia face additional inner challenges, along with the threats, intimidation and violence, social and cultural restrictions impede female reporters and that made them being targeted not only for the coverage that angers powerful people or groups, but also simply for being women.

These dangers contribute to the limitation of the number of women journalists working in Somalia, especially as regards violations related to gender, and with some of the harassment and discrimination cases perpetrated by fellow male colleagues!

One Radio station in Mogadishu has been allegedly forcing fellow female journalists to take turns to cook food for their male colleague.

Somalia Media Women Association (SOMWA) is currently investigating this incident and would like to share you with any development on this.

SOMWA records six cases of violations against female journalists in one month (May 2020) and expresses its concern over the consistent abuse inside the media houses to female journalists.





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