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SOMWA demands the release of journalists in Somalia during the Ramadan

Somali Media Women Association (SOMWA) is extremely worried about the constant oppression by the current Somalia rulers on the independent media.

A number of journalists have been killed, tortured, assaulted and arrested in Somalia for the past 12 months because of their duties.

Two journalists are still in the custody; Adimalik Muse Oldon, has been arrested by the Somaliland authority two years ago for his journalistic activities as Mohamed Abdiwahab (Abuja) a journalist operating in Mogadishu has been in jail since early this year.

“We call on the Somali government to release the imprisoned journalists to at least observe the last 10 days of Ramadan with their families and celebrate Eid with them.” Maryan Seylac, executive director of SOMWA said.

Their detention represents a significant discourage on freedom of expression and Media freedom in the country and all forms of electronic and web-based media as COVID-19 threatens the human lives.

These journalists should be out and participate the fight against the Pandemic.



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